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In 2019 we are pleased to of opened up a new office in Hull.  Our app brand wedoApps allows us to explore exciting opportunities in the northern regions, where a lot of creative talent has moved and new development of old industries are starting to be replaced; opening up new exciting creative spaces and talent.

Visit wedoApps Hull & Yorkshire website. We have been working on the Internet since 1997, and have been specialising in new technology for the last 18 years. We operate with clients in Cambridge, Oxford, Northampton, London and the South East developing apps, helping businesses and entrepreneurs shape their visions with web3 and other cutting edge technologies.

App Development UK

Media-i is an ideas led company looking at cutting edge technology and finding good solutions to integrate it into local businesses.


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We embrace new technology.
Whether it's AR for apps
or new Machine learning applications.


What we do

Our team have over 20 years experience in software development
from business websites and to apps with over 8 years experience in App development.

Since the first iPhone, our bespoke app development work and web solutions have been helping large and  small businesses as well as entrepreneur’s based in Milton Keynes and London.


We genuinely believe the best ideas are often found within the client’s business
– our job is to help unlock them and turn them into successful experiences.

iPhone Watch development

Effective iPhone and watch app development.

With new hardware brings new opportunities everyday , smart devices that monitor, analyse store and feed your life.

Fitness, nutrition , navigation, monitoring, data, gathering, we do apps and bespoke software for all kind of situations.

Internet of things IOT

Have a hardware idea, let us help you code that, low level coding to and from the hardware. We build simple intuitive data solution’s that read and report your data.

iOS health care apps

Reducing patient wait times and being able to use  new app technology to speak with your GP ,all has major benefits to society. We are just beginning to realise this potential in healthcare and we have been involved in several healthcare projects at a consultancy level.

Business apps & data integration

Data for your app is essential, If it is simply pulling in data from various sources, or large cloud oracle data we can help. We write bespoke backend systems for your data that are easy to use and support your website or app development more importantly digital data that is safe and secure.

Augmented Reality (AR)  development

With the latest new features in ios 11 and Android , AR now can leave the awkwardness of headsets and be delivered right into your pocket. Team up with us to drive your  Machine Learning , and Artificial Intelligent solutions.

Digital Signage

Screens are popping up everywhere in shopping malls ,cafes and service centres.  Engaging your audience using a large touchscreen can be effective and easy.

Apple Car Play & Android Audio

Automotive apps have a long way to go from just showrooms and purchasing. We are always interested in the latest technology that drives your information in your car.

Our work

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Taking the best technology

We work with you to create meaningful
services and connections with your customers.

It’s delivered through a process of insight-led planning, prototyping
and continuous improvement – along with client collaboration.

Our work

We’re proud to have developed long-standing relationships with many of our clients. We strive to ensure every project we undertake delivers on its objectives and that our clients enjoy the experience of working with us.

A pleasure to work with, they have taken our ideas and delivered a first class solution. ”
Neil Summers “Benfield’s Plc

New Business

We would love to meet
over a coffee to chat
about your ideas…