Services from our app and web team.

We offer 3 core services in our skillset as well as consultancy in app and web applications.

  • Web applications with software design and development and consultancy in future technology and implementation such as Artificial intelligence, App Api Development, as well as specification writing from our own inhouse team.
  • App development Native & Web Apps from our highly successful and affordable wedoApps website– Business apps from the little app company
  • Database Design – Backend development for internet applications.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 17 years in the dynamic mobile sector, our dedicated app developers have crafted native apps and mobile web apps for a diverse range of clients in key locations including Oxford, Cambridge, London, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, and Northampton. Partner with us to turn your vision into a memorable and effective digital presence.


Bespoke App development & design - with great visuals and simplicity.

Bespoke Web Interfaces

Web Development

Web Design – Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Peterborough London

Media-i is an independent ideas-led company, based in Milton Keynes & London, founded in 1994 by Chris Collinge & Hekuran Vokshi. We crafted our skills with various corporate brands such as Pepsi, Cartoon Network, Siemens Formula 1, and Proctor & Gamble.

Working in web design and development, we created some of the first interactive websites in the UK in 1994, winning a prestigious Yell award for our work on Cartoon Network.

Comprehensive Consultancy for bespoke App - Website - Applications - Development Tailored Code and Design

Digital experiences that delight your customers

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