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Nusery Messenger

Staff Communication Software - using our unique bespoke app for children's nurseries

Nursery Communication  software

Our Nursery messenger product allows you to safely deploy a simple way to communicate with your staff, without the need for email. using an app and a simple system control panel, messages are pushed directly to your staff members, on their phone’s and even when your phone is switched off, you will still be able to pick up those important messages. This is secure and easy to use.

Interested call 01908 401535 or contact us for further details.

Helping nurseries communicate with their staff.

Board Papers


Paperless office meetings

Boardpapers - The app that removes the cost of printing

Boardpapers  – Paperless meetings

This unique product comes with a simple backend to create your meetings and upload those important documents. Then use the app to view, annotate your way through a meeting. Designed for simplicity, and clarity , this software allows you to remove the stress of printing and preparing for those important meetings.

Documents download then are stored for 60 days on your ipad securely before they are removed.

Interested call 01908 401535 or contact us for further details.


Charity Auctions

Charity auctions made simple

Charity Auctions- silent auction software

Raising money for good causes can be rewarding for both businesses and also provide a much needed platform to raise awareness. Businesses have not had an easy way to do this, now with our silent auction software you can list and bid on items over a set period of weeks to your staff, or at a gala dinner.

the software runs online, on phones and tablets and makes the whole fund raising experience easy and fun to use.

Interested call 01908 401535 or contact us for further details.

Silent Auctions for charities and businesses.

Cycle Buddies


Cycle Networking

Coming soon in 2018 - Cycle buddies

We will be introducing a new product for cyclists in 2018.


Learning Management

Nursery learning management software

Nursery training software

Nurseries that need to provide training solutions, often need something simple , easy to deploy but allows the best training experience. In 2018 we built a new platform for learning, managing staffs learning experiences with a course module builder that puts you in control of the content.

With testing optional at the end of each course, you can control and track your staff’s learning experience.

Interested call 01908 401535 or contact us for further details.

Providing nurseries with learning software for their staff.